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At Rubix Learning, we have a team of highly qualified and accomplished tutors who can assist students with all subjects from Kindergarten through to Year 12. Our tutors are experienced in all primary school, high school and HSC subjects from English tutoring and Maths tutoring through to Chemistry tutoring and Physics tutoring.

We offer private online tutoring and private face-to-face tutoring for students of various academic levels.

Our goal at Rubix is to offer a personalised and positive tutoring experience for students. We aim to assist students in reaching their academic goals and help to build their confidence in their studies.

At Rubix Learning we have a matching program, to ensure the tutor chosen is the correct fit for the student. Once the student is comfortable, we provide them with a folder of resources that will assist them with their studies. To find out more about the tutoring services we offer at Rubix, get in contact with us today!

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At Rubix Learning, we have a team of tutors who provide face-to-face and online tutoring sessions. To find a private face-to-face tutor in Sydney, check out the areas we service below. Our tutors are available to come to the student’s home, or to meet at a public place, such as the local library, if that is a more comfortable option! Our online tutoring sessions take place on Google Meet or Zoom, and can be conducted from anywhere as long as the student has access to the internet and a laptop/tablet!

Tutoring for allSubjects K-12

We have a team of highly skilled and accomplished tutors that have a passion for all subjects in years K-12, such as Maths (K-6, 7-10 and Standard, Advanced and Extension), English (K-6, 7-10 and Standard, Advanced and Extension), Science (K-6, 7-10 and Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science), History (K-6, 7-10 and Ancient, Modern and Extension), Geography, Commerce, Business Studies, Legal Studies and Economics. We also offer tutoring as preparation for students undergoing NAPLAN and selective school testing.

Our Tutors

Why ChooseRubix Learning?

The Rubix Learning team are a passionate group of tutors who strive to make learning fun and engaging, so that students are inspired to incorporate ‘learning’ into their daily routines as they progress through their lives. We ensure that our tutoring sessions are tailored to the student’s needs and ambitions and seek feedback from parents and students on a regular basis, so that we can continually enhance our tutoring sessions.


What Makes Rubix Learning the Best Tutoring in Sydney?

Have you been searching for ‘best tutoring Sydney’? Rubix Learning has you covered! We have a team of tutors who are eager to help students achieve their academic goals and build their…

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rubix Learning do private tutoring?

Yes, our tutoring sessions are one-on-one private sessions. We will go through a matching process with the student and the tutor, to ensure they are the right fit for each other based on aspects such as personality and academic level. After tutoring has commenced, if the tutor isn't the right fit for the student, we can change tutors to ensure the student has the best experience possible.

What is involved in private tutoring sessions?

Our tutors conduct private one-on-one tutoring sessions with students. These sessions may be booked as face-to-face sessions at the student’s home or a local public place, or online sessions which are conducted over Zoom, Google Meet or another virtual meeting platform.

Students will receive a folder of subject specific resources in the mail when they begin tutoring sessions. These resources aim to assist students to deepen their understanding of subject concepts and skills.

Both online and face-to-face tutoring sessions will be interactive and engaging for the students, to ensure they get the most out of their sessions and have a positive experience.

Tutors will go through subject content, skills, exam tips, or anything the student would like to cover, at a pace that suits the student. Our tutors will provide students with progress exams, to understand if any topics require revision. Homework will also be given unless the student is struggling with their school work and a parent advises us not to assign homework.

Do you offer home tutoring in Sydney?

Yes, we do. Our tutors are available to travel to the students home to conduct face-to-face tutoring sessions for all subjects K-12. To have a look at the areas we service, click here. Get in contact with us today to find a date and time that suits you or your child!

Do you offer HSC tutoring?

Yes, we do! We have a number of accomplished tutors that provide tutoring in preliminary and HSC subjects such as English (Standard, Advanced and Extension), Maths (Standard, Advanced and Extension), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Environmental Science, Business Studies, Economics, Legal Studies and History (Modern, Ancient and Extension). If you are searching for the best HSC tutoring in Sydney, then get in touch with Rubix Learning to see how we can help you to excel in your final examinations.

What makes Rubix Learning the best tutoring Sydney?

Our aim is to provide a personalised experience to every student. Our tutors go through the content in the same order that the students' school is, to ensure there is consistency in their work. Tutors are able to adapt to the student's needs, by speeding up if the student is excelling, or slowing down if the student is struggling. We provide a folder of resources for every student that is personalised based on the subjects they are doing, which will incorporate past exam papers and exam responses, sample essays, study guide sheets, subject-specific syllabus notes and exam tips. We are flexible with timings for the student to have their tutoring sessions, so get in contact to find a time that suits you!